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About Tonia Butterworth


20+ Years of Business & Culture Expertise

Tonia is a sought-after speaker and certified business strategy coach using the System & Soul framework. With 20 years of experience driving transformative change and fostering award-winning culture, Tonia has helped companies across industries calm the chaos and smash growth goals. 

From software development to manufacturing, digital marketing, healthcare, service-based companies, and non-profits, Tonia works directly with every client to develop a business framework that fits them to drive unparalleled growth. 

Tonia is passionate about helping everyone in your company reach their full potential. She works to create flexible business frameworks to help you achieve remarkable growth and an outstanding company culture. 

Tonia's Philosophy

Let’s build more than just a business. Let’s build a legacy.

Founders and leaders hold the power to transform lives.

Build meaningful and lasting company legacies to improve future generations' lives. Tonia's philosophy is built on prioritizing culture and your most important asset — your people. 

When your culture and strategy align and build upon each other, you start to see real, meaningful, and sustainable business growth.


Why Legacy Matters

Entrepreneurship runs in Tonia’s blood — in the late 1950s, her grandfather founded what is now a $26M+ organization, a staple in the West Michigan economy.

Tonia witnessed her grandfather’s servant leadership, returning as a volunteer once he had retired. He gave to his employees with his time, his finances, and his friendship.

Recently, Tonia met a stranger who she quickly realized had closer ties than she realized. An employee of her grandfather’s business himself, he shared how his father had also retired from her grandfather’s company. When his father had passed away several years ago, Tonia’s grandfather attended his funeral, an extremely touching and meaningful experience for his entire family.

The generous legacy left by Tonia’s grandfather continues to impact the lives and livelihood of people in the West Michigan community today.

What kind of legacy will your company leave?