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Interactive Leadership Workshops for Founders and Executive Teams

Overcome Organizational Roadblocks with a Tailored Workshop or Retreat

Every client Tonia works with faces one or more of these organizational challenges: 

  • Lack of vision or alignment
  • Cultural decay
  • Inefficient execution
  • Overwhelm and competing priorities
  • Poor communication
  • Lacking talent and leadership

Real change happens in community, and Tonia’s workshops are designed to address these root issues head-on, co-create solutions, and move forward with clarity.


Workshops that WORK for Founders and Executive Teams

After a workshop with Tonia, her clients report an increased ability to:

  • Build and execute strategic plans that stick.
  • Predict and fuel higher employee engagement and retention of their best talent.
  • Elevate their founder/CEO out of their role as Chief Everything Officer and build a trusted team to scale beyond them.
  • Understand unique strengths and frustrations of their team and how to leverage their best.
  • Improve team accountability, alignment and unity.

Featured Workshop Offerings for Leadership Teams

Workshop Offerings for Leadership Teams, Corporate Groups, and Retreats


Exceptional Leaders

Actionable takeaways to becoming an exceptional leader.

Help leaders and aspiring leaders gain a new
perspective on what leadership can look like within an organization, and begin working on developing those key attributes.

  • Collectively brainstorm, reflect on, and discuss great leaders
  • Identify our own areas of growth.
  • Outline a clear plan and commitment to challenge ourselves to grow as leaders.

Simplified Strategic Planning

Aligning WHO we are, WHY we exist, WHERE we are going, and HOW we will get there.

Lay the groundwork for a clear vision, focused strategy, and confident execution.

  • Simplify the strategic planning process
  • Ensure company-wide awareness and execution on goals
  • Improve decision-making and alignment with company values and vision

Scale Your Business Beyond Yourself

Helping Renegade-Founders get what they want from their business.

Discover the unexpected shifts successful founders make to grow their businesses and re-discover their entrepreneurial freedom.

  • Get out of the mess of working in the business so you can work on it
  • Organize your dream team
  • Learn the six tools that allow your trusted leaders to more effective business day-to-day

6 Dimensions of Compensation

A better way to pay our people.

Uncover in-the-trenches insights about your company compensation plans and what motivates the individual players on your team.

  • Assess and analyze the six dimensions of compensation within your team and with individual contributors
  • Learn how to have ongoing conversations about compensation and employee satisfaction
  • Enact a process and rhythm to better predict engagement, retention, and "fit" in the recruitment and hiring process

Working Genius

Engage the genius of every individual to drive better communication.

Understand the six types of Working Genius within your team and learn how to activate each type to communicate, plan, ideate, and execute more effectively.

  • Assess your team's areas of genius and frustration in how they work together
  • Identify gaps and how to fill them
  • Learn practical ways to leverage the geniuses of your team to improve communication and business outcomes

Retaining Your Top Talent

Our people are our greatest asset — how do we make sure our top talent sticks around for the long haul?

Dive deep into practical strategies for attracting, developing, and keeping your best and brightest. 

  • Understand what truly motivates your team beyond money
  • Learn how to discover what your employees really want from their jobs
  • Master the art of open, honest conversations about compensation and job satisfaction
  • Create a culture of growth and learning that keeps your team engaged and excited

Leadership Workshop & Retreat FAQs

Do you have questions we don't answer here? Reach out and let's talk!
Who are your workshops for?

Our workshops are designed for leadership teams, founders, HR teams, corporate groups, and team retreats.


With a variety of workshop topics available, Tonia will tailor each session to meet your team's specific needs, ensuring a personalized and impactful experience.

How do I book a complimentary workshop?

Looking forward to getting started!


To book a complimentary workshop for your meeting, training, or retreat either fill out the inquiry form to schedule a complimentary session or book an introductory call with Tonia directly. This allows Tonia to understand your needs and customize the workshop to best benefit your team.


Do you facilitate workshops in person or virtually?

In-person! Have suitcase, will travel. Tonia’s based in West Michigan, and happily travels across the US to be with your leadership team. 


There’s so much value in a full day’s work in person — it’s an honor to witness the magic that happens in the room and Tonia doesn’t want to miss out through a screen.


Round up your leadership team and Tonia will meet you there.


Do you offer workshops for our industry?

Tonia has extensive experience in a wide range of industries including software development, digital marketing, healthcare, service-based industries, non-profits, trucking, manufacturing, and more.


Don’t see your industry on the list? Reach out anyway!

Ready to Transform Your Team?

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